Matt Barclay is an artist living and working in Hobart, Tasmania. In 2014 he completed a BFA (sculpture major) at the University of Tasmania where he is currently a MFAD candidate.

2015 Artist Statement

Object to Artefact: investigating the monumentalisation of unremarkable objects.

My work prompts consideration of how notions of value change with time, through a proposition that today's banal and obsolete objects may one day be rediscovered and ascribed a high value, as have many unassuming objects from past civilizations, and artefacts from more recent history. Through a collection of sculptures responding to mundane items prevalent in any typical home, this project explores the transformation of the ubiquitous and obsolete into charged, revalued artefacts.

Mimesis and illusion have been utilised in the production of unique, hand-crafted facsimiles of contemporary items, rendered to reference physical characteristics associated with ancient artefacts. Illusion, through patina effects, faux-finishes, and weathering techniques, is employed to expedite the aged appearance of objects, circumventing the lengthy duration of natural processes of deterioration.

Ceramic sculptures harbouring a fabricated veneer of age are set in contrast with other works designed to allow genuine deterioration to transpire over the course of their display. Some sculptures will initially appear unharmed, then slowly develop signs of stress over the following days and weeks, becoming cracked and friable, while other works remain unchanged.

Email: matt@mattbarclay.com.au